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strange little girl
allowed myself few miserable & pitiful entries on my main account. about how I wish I was ever enough for anybody & how the Uni has stabbed me in the back with that 'satisfactory' grade for Chinese. I can't quite get over that last fact, I was a freaking know-it-all & it's embarrassing for me, I feel like this epic fail is tattooed on my forehead: LOOK! A GIRL WHO FAILED! I don't think I'll be able to sort it out any time soon, my thoughts just keep skipping back to this, I feel this pitiful glances on my back, no-one I cared for failed, but I did. why? why didn't I get lucky this time? shi~ it really takes a toll on me. I know, there's no-one I can talk to about it, cuz those whose opinion matters they're fine, their grades are fine & their word 'd just hurt me even more. shi~, it's so pathetic. grades doesn't matter, does they?.. but for me they did. and I failed.


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