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strange little girl
spent some good time with my Colonel, she's perfect: she knows I feel like shit & doesn't try to make it worse, I'm so very grateful for this, for her just being near, it's comforting. we've watched two movies, cuz we both are too afraid to stay alone with upcoming 'day X'.
first one, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was awful, really. it lacked any sense, was filled with very wrong physics & vast plot-holes, still there was quite an interesting, so to say, character (portrayed by Howard Stark Dominic Cooper) and one very kinky pairing. and it was really beautiful, to his credit, Timur Bekmambetov is getting better & better in movie-making, he did a great progress since Night Watch & it's nice to see someone from former Soviet Union to make it into world. horse-jumping & on-(moving)-train fighting scenes were... unsettling. we laughed really hard when Bekmambetov has crashed another train.
second one was Disney&Pixar's Brave. beautiful, witty, hilarious, Scottish & sweet fairy-tale about difficulties in mother-daughter's relationship. liked it very much.
once again, I'm really-really tired, I have to wake up at 8 am tomorrow to go to the Uni. btw, I've finally submitted my thesis! one last frontier is waiting for me next Mon & I'll be free.
better be off now, post something later, when I'd be capable to think properly & use some of my cool passive IELTS & CAE vocab.


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